Coffee with the Chicken Ladies

Welcome to Coffee with the Chicken Ladies, a weekly podcast hosted by Chrisie DiCarlo and Holly Callahan-Kasmala. The podcast covers all things Pet Chicken. Each episode includes a breed spotlight, a relevant chicken keeping topic, a recipe using fresh eggs, and some retail therapy! The Chicken Ladies also feature interviews with expert guests who span the chicken keeping world. You’ll find the latest podcast episodes here on the website as well as egg recipes and articles of interest written by Holly and Chrisie.

Grab a coffee and a listen, but don’t forget to hug your chicken!

Episode 20 Brahma Chickens / Setting up a Broody Coop Coffee with the Chicken Ladies

In this episode we talk about the big and beautiful Brahma chicken, discuss the whys and the best ways to set up a broody coop with @theflooflady, celebrate the art of the scrambled egg, and give our honest review of Eaton Hemp Pet Bedding.American Brahma Club Brahma Club of Great Britain Facebook Group Country Life YouTube Channel Coop Selection Chicken YouTube Playlist Hemp Pet Bedding the show (
  1. Episode 20 Brahma Chickens / Setting up a Broody Coop
  2. Episode 19 Polish Chicken / Choosing a Cockerel / Baking with Chickens
  3. Episode 18 Welsummer / Why Breed Chickens
  4. Episode 17 Easter Eggers / Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs
  5. Episode 16 Old English Pheasant Fowl Chicken / US vs UK Chicken Keeping

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