Chrisie and Holly recording Coffee with the Chicken Ladies

Chrisie DiCarlo is a former veterinary technician. During her 15 years in the field, her accomplishments included managing a technical trauma team and receiving her certification as a veterinary dietician. Chrisie retired to become a stay at home mom and has two very smart, compassionate, and beautiful daughters to her credit. She enjoys baking, gardening – especially herbs and flowers – photography, and thrifting/collecting Pyrex and other vintage goods. Chrisie and her husband of 23 years live on a small farm with 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, an African Gray parrot, and many, many chickens.

Holly Callahan-Kasmala has a MA in historical studies with a special interest in early American livestock. She is a long time fiber artist and enjoys spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving, and felting, as well as writing about all things sheep and wool. Holly is an accomplished baker, an avid thrifter, a determined gardener, and an enthusiastic ceramic artist. She and her husband live on a small farm where they enjoy the company of River the Aussie, Tulip the Staffordshire Terrier mix, a handspinner’s flock of rare breed Jacob and Hog Island sheep, and lots and lots of chickens.

Chrisie and Holly have been best friends for 40 years. Together they have over 25 years of experience keeping chickens. They met when Holly switched from private to public school. They were seated together on their first day because their last names were next to each in the alphabet. The rest is history. Their friendship is firmly cemented with their love of animals. And coffee.

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