Chick First Aid Kit

Chick First Aid Kit

In addition to our regular poultry first aid kit, we keep some special items on hand for chicks. You may already have some of these items, but there are others that you may consider adding. It’s always a good idea to be prepared, and you’ll have some peace of mind knowing that you can deal with problems that may arise with your little bundles of joy.

Poly Vi Sol without Iron

Nutri Drench


Small Rubber Bands or Hair Elastics (for making a hobble to treat splay leg)

1cc (tb) Syringes or Medicine Droppers

Cotton Balls or another form of Cotton

Gauze Squares

Silver Ointment

Corid – liquid or powder

Liquid Food – ideally Omnivore Care (Rx) or Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Baby Bird Food on Amazon or Higgins inTune Hand Feeding Food For All Baby Birds on Chewy

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