Buckwheat Crepes

Buckwheat Crepes

Crepes are simple to make but they look so fancy! This is a savory version using buckwhear flour, so it’s naturally gluten free. Use oat milk or another plant milk to make them dairy free as well. We love these served with spinach and tomatoes and smashed white beans, but they’re great with just about any filling. You can also double the sugar and make them sweet. They go so well with apples! This recipe uses two eggs. We know your girls are just starting to lay again!


2 eggs

1 ½ cups milk

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon sea salt, optional

2 tablespoon sugar

3 tablespoon butter, (melted)

1 cup buckwheat flour

In a large mixing bowl, ddd eggs, milk, baking soda, sea salt, sugar, and melted butter whisk just to blend.. Add buckwheat flour and continue whisking until smooth. The battr will be thin. Pop it into the fridge for about half an hour.

Place a large skillet or crepe pan on medium heat. When skillet is hot, lightly grease it with a little butter or cooking spray.

Hold the handle of the skillet and as you pour a few tablespoons of batter in, tilt the skillet around in a circular motion to allow the batter to evenly coat the bottom of the pan, in a thin layer.

Cook for 30 seconds-1 minutes or until the edges of the crepe curl slightly and the bottom of the crepe is lightly golden. Flip to the other side and cook for another 30 seconds.

Adjust your heat between medium-medium high while your crepes are cooking. Turn the heat down to medium low if necessary. Re-grease your pan every few crepes, as needed.

Stack finished crepes on a plate, covered with a towel to keep them warm. Fill them with your favorite things and enjoy!

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