Classic Crepes

Classic Crepes

If you’ve never made crepes before, we encourage you to give it a try. With a little practice you’ll find just how quick and easy they are. The taste of fresh eggs and delicious fillings is one you won’t soon forget. We’re especially fond of strawberries or cherries and Nutella! As always, we include our gluten and dairy free substitutions.


2 large eggs

1 1/4 cups whole milk or dairy free milk – we used oat milk

1 cup all-purpose flour – we used gluten free oat flour but any all purpose 1-1 gluten free flour works

1 tablespoon melted unsalted butter or dairy free butter – we used dairy free Earth Balance

2 tablespoons melted butter or dairy free butter for brushing the pan

Pinch of sea salt

1 tablespoon sugar


Mix all ingredients together in a blender or a medium bowl and a whisk. Blend until completely smooth.

Heat a crepe pan or large skillet over medium heat. When pan is heated, brush with melted butter and pour 1/4 cup of batter in the center of the pan. Immediately swirl the pan to spread the batter into a large circle.

Cook until the crepe looks dry on the top. Using a thin spatula, pry up the edges of the crepe and either use your fingers or the spatula to flip the crepe. Cook for another 20 or 30 seconds and remove crepe to a plate. Repeat until you’ve used all of the batter. Stack finished crepes on top of each other on a plate.

Fill crepes with whatever you’d like, and serve topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or a dollop of sweetened cream cheese. Enjoy!

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