Libby’s Mum’s Fluffy Omlets

Libby’s Mum’s Fluffy Omlets

This is a fun recipe from our friend Libby, the Hen Guru! Another fun way to use your eggs, but this one is fancy enough to be party food.


Eggs 2-3 per person

Additions – cheese, precooked veggies, and/or precooked meat

Salt, pepper, any other herbs or seasonings


Separate eggs into 2 bowls – whites in the bigger bowl, yolks in smaller.

Beat the whites until they hold soft peaks.

Beat the yolks and add in any seasonings.

Carefully fold the beaten yolks into the whites. You can leave them a bit streaky – just try to maintain as much volume as possible. Do not mix in any additions yet. 

Preheat broiler (grill in UK) In an ovenproof skillet, pour in eggs and arrange additions on top. Cook the omlet over low/medium heat until the bottom is cooked – 4 or 5 mins.

Place skillet under broiler and cook for another few minutes, until top of omlet is cooked, cheese is melted, toppings are warm. Fold over and serve!

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