Polish Egg Salad/Spread

Polish Eggs Salad/Spread

This recipe puts a delicious spin on one of the chicken-ladies-who-lunch classics – egg salad! Instead of mayonnaise, this salad combines cream cheese – including dairy free cream cheese – and butter – yes, dairy free butter works here too. The traditional recipe uses finely chopped raw onion but we opted for freshly snipped chives as well. Another interesting note – this is traditionally served as an open faced sandwich. We love it either way!


4-6 eggs, hard boiled and peeled

8 oz of softened cream cheese re dairy free cream cheese – we used Tofutti cream cheese

1 tablespoon of softened butter – we used Country Crock non dairy butter

2 tablespoons of freshly snipped chives, or 1/4 minced fresh onion

Salt and pepper to taste.


In a medium sized bowl, mash the sour cream and butter together. Add chives and eggs, and mix together thoroughly. Serve on bread, crackers, etc. Enjoy!

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