Taco Fried Rice

Taco Fried Rice

This is a delicious meal and can be quite easy to make if you cook the rice and meat/crumbles ahead of time. We like 3 eggs in our fried rice but you do you.


3 or 4 cups of cooked white rice

2 -3 eggs

Cooked ground meat or veggie crumbles

1 chopped onion

1 chopped sweet red pepper

1 can of corn or 1½ cups of fresh or frozen corn

1 packet of taco seasoning or 2 tablespoons 

Optional – cooked beans, sliced avocado, sour cream, black olives, real or non dairy cheese, chopped cilantro or parsley, salsa, etc.


If you’re cooking your eggs first, oil and heat your skillet. Lightly beat the eggs in a bowl and pour them into the skillet when it’s hot. As the eggs cook, run a spatula through several times to keep the curds thin. Remove eggs, set aside, and wipe out the skillet.  

Add a generous splash of olive oil to a large skillet. Over medium/low heat, saute the onions and the peppers until they’re soft and starting to caramelize. 

Turn the heat up a bit, then add your corn, cooked meat/crumbles, and taco seasoning, and stir to combine. Simmer for 5-7 minutes until everything is coated and blended. 

Add the rice and stir, cooking for another 5-10 minutes. Add in your eggs. If you pre scrambled, simply stir in and cook until warmed through, If not, lightly beat the eggs in a bowl. Use a spatula to make an opening in the center and pour in the eggs. Run the spatula through the eggs several times as they cook. 

Once the eggs are finished, give the mixture another good stir to incorporate. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Serve over salad, in hard or soft taco shells, as burrito filling, on tostadas, or any other way you like. Enjoy!

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