First Aid Kit Essentials

First Aid Kit Essentials

Everyone is on a budget right now, so building a first aid kit from scratch can hurt! Our suggestions is to buy an item every time you’re in the feed store or farm supply shop. You can even find many of them on our Amazon Store Front. If you’re sprucing up an already existing kit, don’t forget to check those expiration dates!


Corid – liquid or powder

Dewormer – liquid Safeguard for Goats

Vitamins and Electrolytes – almost any brand will do

Poultry Nutridrench – don’t be without it

Vet Wrap

Sterile Non-Stick Pads – any size will do, you can cut down the larger one

Silver Ointment – if you can’t get prescription strength, several over the counter versions exist. Use in place of triple antibiotic ointment, esp if you don’t know what bacteria/pathogen you’re fighting

Vetericyn – wound cleaner

Syringes – 1 cc/ml and 3 cc/ml



Blood Stop Powder

Terramycin – eye ointment

Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Sterile Gloves


Next Level Supplies

Poly-Vi-Sol – especially helpful for chicks and/or wry neck

Bent Tip Glass Droppers

Omnivore Care (from a vet) or Kaytee Baby Bird Formula – for chickens who are compromised, too ill to eat, or recovering from crop surgery.

Crop Bra – we strongly recommend the Birdy Bra from Krazy K Farm

Soft Sided Pop Up Animal Playpen

Zero Clearance Heat Panel

Small Nail Clippers

Nail Files


Ivermectin – injectable, but use only as topical treatment for external parasites

Towels and Blankets appropriate for chicken use!

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